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"The Hanky Buddy"

Welcome! We added this image to our Order Online page, in order to provide our customers with a picture of our product, priced at: Only $11.99!

*Note: To place your order please return back to the "Order Online" page, and then select from one of our 3 different packaging options indicated(Suit, Sport Coat & Tuxedo). Contained within every packaging option is: "The Hanky Buddy", an Extention, a Midsize unit, Folding Instructions and a "Free" 100% Silk Pocket Square! 

(Note: The 100% Silk Pocket Square Colors accompanying each packaging option is as follows: Suit = Lt. Blue, Sport Coat = White & Tuxedo = Lt. Pink), and our product also comes with a "30 Day Money-back Guarantee". Thank you!

Now, before moving on, please take a moment and look at the many benefits our product has to offer, including, "FREE", with every purchase of "The Hanky Buddy", a 100% Silk Pocket Square!

 Our Competitive Advantages are:

"FREE", 100% Silk Pocket Square with purchase of "The Hanky Buddy!"

USA Patent #: 8347417

Minimal Cost, Easy To Use, Universal, Reversible, Light Weight, Durable, Reduces Bulk, Nice Aesthetic Value, Secures All Size Pocket Squares.  "The Hanky Buddy" is the absolute best value for the money, just take a look at the additional benefits our product has to offer our customers(indicated below):


Just imagine never again needing to continually adjust or re-fold your Silk Pocket Squares or Handkerchiefs, because they're being held firmly into place by The Hanky Buddy. This unique product is made here in the United States. It was specifically designed to hold Pocket Squares & Handkerchiefs that range in size between 10-18 inches in diameter with ease, while at the same time eliminating any bulk or weight contained winthin your coats pocket. The Hanky Buddy is made of the highest quality materials, which also has a wonderful aesthetic value. It's virtually unnoticeable, reversible and universally fits perfectly within your Tuxedo, Suit or Sport Coat pockets.

Product Benefits:

* "FREE", 100% Silk Pocket Square, with every purchase of The Hanky Buddy!

* Choice Packaging & Silk Pocket Squares.

* It's Universal, Reversible, Weighs less than 1 oz and it's Easy to use.

* Holds Handkerchiefs & Pocket Squares Secure within your pocket.

* Eliminates continual Adjustments and Re-folding.

* Reduces Bulk within your Pocket from Larger Squares.

* Universally fits into Tuxedo, Suit or Sport Coat Pockets.

* Allows user to become more Creative with Folds.

* With Extension added, even the Smallest Squares can be shown with ease.

* The Perfect accessory for any mans Suit or Sport Coat.

* Great for Weddings, adds additional Style for Grooms, Groomsmen & Ushers.

* Secure Multiple Squares(two smaller squares will add additional color).

* By purchasing more than one, have squares Pre-folded and ready for wear.

* Eco-Friendly Recycled Material.

* It comes with a "30 Day Money-back Guarantee!"


* Note: Take a look at the many Folds "The Hanky Buddy" will hold firmly into place, located on our Fold Pages, and for your convienence they are also available for Print On Demand. Should you have any additional "Folds", suggestions or ideas that you would like to share, please do so by going back to our Home page and in the upper right hand corner locate "The Share a Fold Tab", and then please forward them to us. Thanks!


Gift Giving Occasions:

Accessorize Wardrobes, Fathers Day, Grooms, Groomsmen & Ushers, Birthdays, Proms, Graduations, Job Promotions, Anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines.

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